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While you are working online for some writing assignments, there comes a time when you need a word count or character count tool to get your written text counted in terms of lines, paragraphs, spaces, characters, words etc. You can very well get these done by your favorite word processor used for doing the writing tasks. But imagine a situation when you do not have one. Imagine, you only have a web browser and an internet connection. How would you then get the word count or character count tool? The best solution for an online word count tool is probably the Free Online Word Counter available at http://www.count-word.com. As the name implies, it is a word counter and it is free. But wait, there is more. This online word counter is not only a word count tool. It is a tool that can perform the word density count too. The tool has a very neat and simple interface where you don’t have to press any button or adjust any setting. All you have to do is to keep typing in the box or place the given text in it. The counting functions are automatically performed. It also calculated a particular word’s appearance in the text. Just have a look at it at http://www.count-word.com

Word Counter

Word Counter

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